RORE or in full, Rogershill Off Road Events, is our very own ACU affiliated club created to run our popular Wednesday evening Hare and Hound Enduro series as well as other events.


The events cater for riders of all abilities with the terrain including some of the Motocross tracks, our farm lands, woodlands and our man made obstacles. 

Provisional dates for this years winter series

Saturday 11th November Rogershill (memorial / charity race for marine James Wright) entries for this event are open and can be found on the ACU website and submitted through their system. 

 Sunday 10th December Bovington

Saturday 30th December Rogershill (Lee wheatley memorial)

Sunday 28th January Moreton

Sunday 18th February Rogershill

Rider List for first event 

Derek Bawn 8
Championship Dylan Baynton 5
Championship Ben Scott 6
Championship Rob Cross 4
Championship Dominic Thomas 2
Championship Ricky Wiggins 9
Championship Bradley Rowland 10
Clubman A Jamie Watts 59
Clubman A Adam Quintrell 40
Clubman A Zac King 55
Clubman A Phillip Joyce 60
Clubman A Dalton Cook 62
Clubman A Benjamin Conduct 17
Clubman A Jack Stevens 63
Clubman A Sophie Thomas 31
Clubman A Craig Osment 69
Clubman A Finlay Davey 64
Clubman A Joe Sullivan 65
Clubman A Stuart Maunder 89
Clubman A Scott King 53
Clubman A Michael Burgess 22
Clubman A Rory Sherlock 66
Clubman A Thomas Vandy 70
Clubman A Christopher Tite 72
Clubman A Brett Rowland 156
Clubman A James Heath 73
Clubman A Jay Maddison 74
Clubman B Charlie White 246
Clubman B Mathew Taylor 78
Clubman B kyle thomas 84
Clubman B Paul Hannaford 108
Clubman B Marcus Feltham 85
Clubman B Ian Fortune 23
Clubman B Simon Trevaskis 67
Clubman B Gary Taylor 86
Clubman B John Foley 167
Clubman B Ian Yeo 170
Clubman B Daryl Burgess 87
Clubman B Morgan Deakin 231
Clubman B Benjamin Ashcroft 88
Clubman B Mattehew Arnold 124
Clubman B James Pamflett 169
Clubman B Peter Mainhardt 92
Clubman B Jenny Long 93
Clubman B Steven Morton 95
Clubman B John Trevaskis 105
Clubman B Joel Pprotheroe 96
Clubman B Shaun Brake 100
Clubman B Neil Coffin 101
Clubman B Gary Fisher 186
Clubman B Matthew Cahill 36
Clubman B Martin Hallett 80
Clubman B Tom Baker 30
Clubman B Tom Protheroe 102
Clubman B Adrian Cligg 103
Clubman B Paul Delaney 104
Clubman B micheal porter 239
Clubman B Leon Porter 106
Clubman B Mark Robson 109
Clubman B Andrew Vowles 110
Clubman B Robert Stafford 233
Clubman B Darren Giggs 68
Clubman B Mark Burchell 194
Clubman vets Stephen Taylor 111
Clubman vets Graham Eke 75
Clubman vets Pete Nixey 79
Clubman vets Dean Reed 112
Clubman vets Stephen Davey 113
Clubman vets Lee Welch 114
Clubman vets Colin Paddy 58
Clubman vets Andrew Brown 115
Clubman vets Stewart Jarvis 82
Clubman vets Neil Sutton 116
Clubman vets Matthew Ward 119
Clubman vets Shane Babey 105
Clubman vets Richard Swaffield 24
Clubman vets Stephen Scott 120
Clubman vets Nicholas Pottow 117
Clubman vets David Kirk 122
Clubman vets David Wright 71
Clubman vets Julian Earle 163
Clubman vets Wayne Tipton 123
Clubman vets Tim Clark 61
Clubman vets Julian Crimp 29
Clubman vets Gareth Lloyd 77
Clubman vets Stephen Mulliner 76
Clubman vets Toni Burrows 48
Clubman vets Robin Smith 125
Clubman vets Peter King 195
Clubman vets Justin Bough 97
Expert Alan Morrison 11
Expert Jack Nixey 107
Expert Simon Clark 14
Expert Jordan Brigden 15
Expert Alfie Coles 19
Expert Niles Reid 133
Expert Lewis Gigg 21
Expert Rob Rule 20
Expert Giles Richards 12
Expert Karl Langford 18
Expert James Boyce 25
Expert Jacob Young 27
Expert Michael Hayes 81
Expert Alan Stringer 28
Expert Josh Player 32
Expert Tom Bartlett 34
Expert Richard Holmes 42
Expert Ross Kerr 46
Expert Ryan Mundell 3
Expert Chris Honeywill 35
Expert Moss Macriner 37
Expert Matthew Taylor 38
Expert Vets Scott Medlyn 41
Expert Vets Adrian Francis 83
Expert Vets Dave Coles 43
Expert Vets Jonathan Tarr 45
Expert Vets Adam Burt 47
Expert Vets Simon Thomas 49
Expert Vets James Browning 50
Expert Vets Gary McCoy 51
Expert Vets Wayne Player 7
Expert Vets Graham Reid 90
Expert Vets Adrian Heard 52
Expert Vets Geoff Brigden 54
Expert Vets Arnaud Didey 57
Expert Vets Jack Twentyman 99
Expert Vets Michael Brooks 56
Expert  Vets Steve Elford  190
Expert Vets Shane Trotter 98
Sportsman Kevin Hann 200
Sportsman Joel Bowden 201
Sportsman Phillip Dibble 189
Sportsman Henry Walsh 203
Sportsman Alex Schlz 204
Sportsman Marc Gardiner 13
Sportsman Russell Jacobs 205
Sportsman Jacob Haigh 202
Sportsman Rhys Trotter 206
Sportsman Scott Draper 94
Sportsman harry martin 207
Sportsman John Trevelyan 230
Sportsman Ross Burch 208
Sportsman Scott Atkins 44
Sportsman Christopher Porter 177
Sportsman Simon Colvin 220
Sportsman Lewis Phillips 33
Sportsman Lee Mitchell 224
Sportsman trevor greaves 209
Sportsman tim crosby 210
Sportsman Terry Marsh 211
Sportsman Darryl Swift 212
Sportsman Barney White 213
Sportsman James Sinclair 158
Sportsman Niki Gardiner 214
Sportsman Colin Wilkins 118
Sportsman Andrew Paterson 215
Sportsman James Richards 91
Sportsman Emily Hall 121
Sportsman Jonathan Haden 221
Sportsman Robert Goodland 216
Sportsman Nick Gifford 217
Sportsman James Wright 218
Sportsman Scott Roberts 219
Sportsman eliot vovles 26











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